Help Identify These Cuban Embassy Photos

We need some help pinpointing the dates of these photos. They were labeled 1905 to 1945. My guess is sometime in the 1930s?

Source: Library of Congress

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  • ET

    It doesn’t look like it was the Cuban embassy before 1916/1917 if that helps. I saw something that referenced a Washington Post article in November 1916: “Dwelling, said to be for the Cuban legation, location to be given out later; cost, $175,000. The ‘structure’ will be three stories high, 60 by 100 feet, and of stone and brick.” and was designed by Macneil & Macneil, architects and commissioned by Dr. Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. Wonder how/if it relates to the visit from the photos posted yesterday. November 16 seems to have been a big month for some of the future.

    CUBAN LEGATION HOME: Macneil & Alacneil Open Bids for Sixteenth Street Structure. STYLE TO BE LOUIS QUINZE Building With Indiana. Limestone Exterior and White Marble Interior Will Be One of the Handsomest Occupied by Diplomats in Washington
    Washington Post November 19, 1916

    CUBAN LEGATION BIDS OPENED: Handsome Structure Will Stand in the Meridian Hill Section.The Washington Post (1877-1922) [Washington, D.C] 16 Nov 1916: 3.

    • ET

      I also found the below which is not digitized:

      Architectural drawings for alterations to an embassy (“Cuban Embassy”), 2630 16th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. [graphic]

      Personal name: Heaton, Arthur Bl, 1875-1951, architect.

  • Mike

    I found an “National Register of Historic Places Registration Form” ( which includes this building. It states the building was built in 1916 and designed by MacNeil & MacNeil. Since the sign in the photo says “new” and there is a MacNeil & MacNeail sign, I would say that the exterior photo was probably taken in 1916. I can’t say if the interior photos are from the same time or not.

    • ET

      That exterior shot is definitely during the tail end of construction judging by the signs, ladder, and what looks to be the construction trailer in front.