What Did Thomas Circle Look Like in 1920?

This is such an incredible photo of Thomas Circle in the 1920s. I love this. Click on it for a larger version and study it for a while.

- click image for more -
Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle
Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle

Source: Library of Congress

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  • H

    maybe it’s just my PC, but I can’t seem to enlarge the picture. Cool photo.

  • ET

    H if you go to the original you may be able to see it larger by looking at the tiff.

    I can see that the street car was coming/going to Potomac Park and a WL Simmons truck selling ice.

    Funny but the passenger in one of those cars look like he is either reading a newspaper or a map.

  • Tracy

    Does anyone know what type of trees are in Thomas Circle? They are quite interesting in the Spring/Summer