Amazing Photo of Washington Monument Apex

How cool is this photo? It was taken by Theodor Horydczak in 1934. Click on the image for a much larger version and read the inscription at the top: “Repaired 1934, National Park Service, Department of the Interior.”

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Washington, D.C., circa 1934. "Washington Monument. Capstone without lightning rods." 8x10 nitrate negative by Theodor Horydczak.
Washington, D.C., circa 1934. “Washington Monument. Capstone without lightning rods.” 8×10 nitrate negative by Theodor Horydczak.

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  • Guest

    Wow! Would love to know how he took that photo.

  • ET

    There are some very interesting theories about some of the inscriptions/meanings on the Washington Monument including the the tip. Snopes has more

  • That is a really cool shot. The quality is amazing.

  • Sheila Gilbert

    I found Theodor Horydczak many years ago when I was searching for Streetcar photos and I just loved everything he photographed. I also saw every photo he had on the net back then. I can’t remember exactly where they were, I think the Lib. of Congress, not sure. There was a huge number of prints, so I would watch some, then come back to them. He even had photos of a really remote area, back then, of The main intersection in Waldorf MD when it was a road you took to hit all the beaches back then. Of course When 301 went in, no one used it any more. Some of it is actually still the same. He was a fantastic Photographer. Oh, and when I went back to see them a while later, you had to pay to see some of them. It had all changed, however there were still a lot of photos of DC that were fantastic, that is, if you had about a month to go through them all.