“Rush Hour” on Wisconsin Near O Street in 1960

Not exactly rush hour. But, it looks pretty similar to today, minus the streetcar tracks of course.

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Wisconsin Avenue, NW, south of O Street at "rush hour" (June 30, 1960).
Wisconsin Avenue, NW, south of O Street at “rush hour” (June 30, 1960).

Source: DDOTDC

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  • ET

    That Georgetown sign is still on the building.

  • sharon shelton

    Love this! Grandparents lived on 33rd Street near O . I used to walk down 33rd past St. John’s Episcopal Church to Wisconsin Ave. Back in the 50’s and 60’s.I remember Harry, the pharmacist at the drug store on the corner of Wisconsin and 33rd St. Grandma and I had many lunches at the Little Tavern just down Wisconsin near N street. Granddad worked for Capital Transit on the streetcars and also as a night watchman at Riggs Bank on Wisconsin and M.Great memories all!