Night Photo of 14th and U Streets in 1960

What a cool photo courtesy of the Smithsonian. This is a shot of U St. in 1960. If I’m not mistaken, this is looking east, standing on the northwest corner of the block.

14th and U Street in 1960
14th and U Street in 1960

Source: Smithsonian

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  • Vincent Salgado

    This cannot be 1960. The rear of the the vehicle shown park along the curb is a mid to late 60’s model. I’ll get back with a more definitive identification of the car.

  • Sandy

    This must be 1967 or 1968, as the SCLC’s Poor Peoples Campaign didn’t exist publicly until December of ’67.

    • Tom

      Thanks Sandy!

  • Sandy

    Also, you should try to look into the history of that lot where the SCLC building is–it’s the plaza in front of the Reeves Center now, and will likely be the site of a private office building once again in the not-too-distant future (assuming the soccer stadium deal goes through). It seems like a great way to highlight the many transitions of that district over the years.

  • Carol Darling

    I wrote to you about my deceased husband who was killed in 1966. He attended Eastern High School and I was looking for his yearbook from 1965 to give to his daughter who was 8 years old at time of his death. This latest posting of 14th and U street because this is exactly where he died. I don’t know if this is Karma or what but it just was so shocking to see this location again as it was when he was killed in a terrible motorcycle hit and run accident.

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    Thats not 14th and U in 1960. The back end of that car looks like a 68 mercury montego. Also the SCLC was not at that location in 1960. Probably didnt even have a DC office until the late 60s.

  • Lovelyloclady

    Great historical
    photo. It certainly wasn’t taken last week.