Photo of Teddy Roosevelt’s Oath of Office

Here’s a cool photo from Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration on March 4th, 1905. Chief Justice Melville Fuller is administering the oath of office to Teddy Roosvelt. Click on it for some amazing details.

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Teddy Roosevelt's inauguration in 1905
Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration in 1905

Source: Library of Congress

This is what it looks like close up. Make sure to click on the above picture to see greater details. It’s pretty cool.

Teddy Roosvelt and the oath of office in 1905
Teddy Roosvelt and the oath of office in 1905


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    Take a look at the gentlemen in the crowd holding the brims of their top hats. One of three things has been captured by the camera: 1) it’s a bright, breezy March day, and they are holding on to their hats; or 2) the President is about to begin the oath, and the gents are removing their hats as a sign of respect, or 3) TR has just concluded the oath-taking, and the gents are about to doff their hats in respect. I favor the first explanation: the sun is bright, the Chief Justice’s locks appear to be windblown, and you can almost see the presidential seal bunting flapping in the breeze.