OMG! Retro Metro … This Informercial is Amazing

This. Is. Awesome. Thanks to GoDCer Harrison for sharing this. We first came across it on InTheCapital.

Is this the best 70s video or what?

  • John

    Funny, at the 13:08 mark there’s a guy pushing a lady in a wheelchair off of the escalator!

  • Payton Chung

    Actually, when I first saw this headline, I was hoping for something more like the Metro’s disco dance promo commercials… le Metro de Montreal, that is:

  • Remember in 76 of 77 going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Silver Springs Maryland. She took me for a ride on the Metro.

  • urbanexile

    It’s a great reminder of a time when we as a people understood the importance of heavy investment in the country’s infrastructure.

  • Sandi Layne

    Is it wrong that I kept expecting Donald Duck to show up? The narrator’s voice sounds very much like the ones in the educational films very present in my elementary years.

  • RJ

    That breaded hipster is everywhere..he is immortal.