Amazing Street Scene at 11th and F in the 1910s

You’ll probably waste about 15 minutes of your day studying this photograph. It shows the intersection of 11th and F St. NW in the 1910s.

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street scene at 11th and F St. in 1910s
street scene at 11th and F St. in 1910s

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  • 4thof4

    Are you certain this is 11th? About twenty years later, my grandfather had a store at 13th & F, and that clock was right in front of his store (unless they were on multiple corners downtown??) It is featured in some of his early print ads (I have copies if you want to see) and he eventually donated it to the National Zoo (it was still there when I was a kid, but recently learned it may not be there anymore…)

  • That’s a nice photo. I don’t believe I have see it before. Was it from LOC?

  • peg

    Didn’t Woodies locate at this site?

  • Donald Winters

    The building on the corner is still there. It is where

    Pret a Manger is located