1915 Map of Area Around Congressional Cemetery

This is an area we have sadly neglected, and it has some tremendous history. If you have never visited Congressional Cemetery, you need to. At least visit their website.

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1915 map of the area around Congressional Cemetery
1915 map of the area around Congressional Cemetery

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  • SheilaG

    I know this area very well. Many of my (old) family are in this cemetery, and I also was engaged to a guy that lived in a house on the corner of 17th lot 1 has the 1092 on it. Then he moved to # S of 1092 in a studio apt. right next to the house he had lived in.
    We broke up, and then I met my husband. (Thank God) One of my family members is buried right in front of the small church in the cemetery. I know there are many old family members there, I just haven’t finished finding them yet. All my ancestors are from Washington DC and we are a huge family, so it’s hard to keep track of them all.
    Found my grandmother in the Washington Post Society pages along with my grandfather and his mother. Crazy what you find when you start looking.