Video of D.C. Streets Circa 1991

We love getting stuff like this from readers. Here’s the email we received last week from a GoDCer.

Dear Ghosts of DC:
I just uploaded a film to Youtube that I made in ’91 that documents some vintage DC street scenes and urban storefronts:
I’d describe it as an experimental travelogue that’s maybe a bit too arty for it’s own good, but nevertheless captures some Ghosts of DC:
tracking shot of northside 900 block F Street NW, including the Dor-Ne Corset Shoppe
The Wiz Records on F Street
Fort Stevens Liquor Store on upper Georgia Ave.
Melody Records on Dupont Circle
Murrays Steaks
Globe posters
My video originally aired on the local PBS station WETA-TV, but has been sitting in my “basement archives” for 20 years. BTW, I’m the guy who made the cult-documentary HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT.
Feel free to post the Youtube link. I’ve included a few stills to use on your website.

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  • CapsPsycho

    Oh man. Those effects are killing me. I’d really like to see that shot of Connecticut (Melody Records, R.I.P.). But I can’t tell what the hell’s going on b/c of the distortion.

    Oh well. It’s pretty cool to get a glimpse of it. That was just around the time I first came to D.C. I used to hang out in Dupont Circle. Tons of bike messengers and punk rock kids used to hang out there. It was a different time.

  • Brandon

    great find, i moved to 15th and U in 95 and it’s really amazing how much all of DC has changed. wish i’d have taken more pictures or videos (how did we live before iPhones), similar to what this person did.

    nice memory capspsycho, i’d totally forgotten about the punks and bike messengers on dupont! the punks were on their way out, but the messengers stuck around for a while.

    • Freeway

      I’m a native of the DC metro area. I was too young to remember the crime wave of early 1990’s. We usually stayed in the suburbs. I would like to find more footage and photos of street scenes from 1989 – 1999. DC has changed so much. Many say the change is good but many others say DC has lost its soul and the fun associated with it.