Daily Archives: Aug 22, 2012

George Washington University Girls Rifle Team

GWU girls rifle team near the Lincoln Memorial - February 2nd, 1927 (Library of Congress)

It’s probably safe to say that this team no longer exists as an intercollegiate or even intramural team at GWU. Well, in 1927, the GW girls rifle team was good … really good. They won the national rifle championship in …

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First Legal Drink at Midnight Upon Repeal of Prohibition

Budweiser Clydesdales in D.C. after the repeal (cnbc.com)

Do you like your beer, wine or liquor? The Sheppard Bone-Dry Act of 1917 would have put a major damper on your libations when it was signed by President Wilson. November 1st, 1917 would be the day all Washingtonians would …

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A Brief History of Brunch in D.C.

About 5,500 weekends ago, Washingtonians woke up and lazily flipped through their newspapers.  It was Sunday, November, 11, 1906 and something bold and new was described for the first time in The Post: New Portmanteau Words. Have you received any …

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