Library of Congress

This is what the Library of Congress could have looked like if Leon Beaver's design from 1873 was selected. Here's a second rendering of the building with some perspective. Check out a f...

We are grateful for the picture below, since so many of the amazing images on this site come via the Library of Congress! In December 1941, as a precautionary measure, about 5,000 boxes of materials f...

View from the Capitol Roof

Not many of us get to see Washington, DC from the roof of the Capitol. None of us ever got to see the view in 1861, but here's the next best thing. Taken in 1861, this is looking north. The cursive...

This is the Evening Star, published the day President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Obviously, the main headline focuses on his death and the attempted murder of Secretary William Seward. B...

plan for the proposed National Library at Judiciary Square

Obviously, our national library is not at Judiciary Square, but before we committed to building the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill, there were some other proposals evaluated. Below are two drawin...

Library of Congress

Here is a great and sharp photo of the Library of Congress in the early 1900s.

Stereograph showing an interior view of the Library of Congress with reading room and stacks in the U.S. Capitol building (1866)

This is an amazing old photograph from 1866. This shows the interior of the old Library of Congress in the Capitol Building before the current one was constructed.

view southeast from the U.S. Capitol

Happy Sunday. Below is an amazing photograph, taken around 1880 from the top of the U.S. Capitol. The view is southeast, down Pennsylvania Ave., toward the Anacostia River. It includes a block of five...

Construction of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., May 10, 1893

We came across this photo at the Library of Congress (how meta). Click on it for greater detail.

McKinley & cabinet (Library of Congress)

If you know who POTUS 25 is off the top of your head, congratulations. You are an über history geek. Enjoy the Libary of Congress photos below.