Capitol Hill

guns kill people

Digging through the old newspaper archives, we uncovered a the following headline: "Found Wife Murdered; And Many Lay Dead Beside Her In Husband's Home; Believes He Did Shooting." How can we not l...

Drink Coca Cola, It's Refreshing

Source: Flickr user Kevin Harper Get out the vote for your favorite Capitol Hill establishment! We're rolling out a localized edition of our "If Walls Could Talk" campaign. Take your pick of th...

Congressional pages have snowball fight in 1923

How fun is this old photo taken on December 14th, 1923? It shows a large group of boys who were Congressional pages on both sides of the aisle, battling it out with snowballs. I'd love to see Members ...

Early photographic view of Washington, D.C. from Capitol Hill, looking northwest

We can't remember if we've posted this photo in the past, but it's such a good one, that it doesn't really matter. Source: Library of Congress

1888 map of East Capitol St.

If you live east of the Capitol, check out this map and see if you can find your house. The pink buildings are brick structures and the yellow are wood frame buildings. I'm guessing that a large numbe...

Famous Capitol landmark being dismantled to make way for modern business

Here's a sad old photo from the Library of Congress. Source: Library of Congress

Walking through the Navy Yard a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an incongruous plaque embedded on the side of a building. The building was a modern parking garage, similar to dozens around the city...

1909 Baist map of Capitol Hill

We love these old Baist maps. Source: Library of Congress

Aerial view of Washington, D.C., looking south, southwest, from old Providence Hospital, showing E Street, Duddington Place, F Street, S.E., between 1st and 2nd Streets

Can you identify any of these old buildings? This is an aerial view of E St. around 1900. Source: Library of Congress

Frager's Hardware

We love and support Frager's and were so devastated when the place burned down. We have full faith that the business will reopen and continue to serve Capitol Hill residents for their hardware needs. ...