14th St. Buildings in 1920 Before Pearl Dive, Ghibellina, and Rice

This great old photo shows 1610 14th St. NW, which is currently Ghibellina in the middle, Rice on the left, and Pearl Dive on the right. So cool. Click on it to zoom in on the details.

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1610 14th St. NW
1610 14th St. NW in 1920 – currently Ghibellina

Source: Shorpy

This is the same view today.

Now if you zoom in on a few things, you’ll see some interesting details. Like this graffiti 1920s style.

1920s graffiti on 14th St.
1920s graffiti on 14th St.

Check out the lady in the window. Who is she? What is she doing? What’s her story? I’m pretty sure the thought of her building becoming a Thai restaurant was not something on her mind.

Who is the woman in the window?
Who is the woman in the window?

Does anyone have any idea what this hose is coming out of the ground? I’m guessing that this is the free air hose that is mentioned in the window of National Service Co.

Hose coming out of the ground
Hose coming out of the ground


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  • Pollard

    very cool!

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    What would really amaze me is if the graffiti on the pole said f’ you or something. The woman in the window just opened it to shoo away a fly. If you look hard you will see a small speck which is the fly in question.