Washington’s Faces of Yesterday [VIDEO]

Here’s the first video we’ve made in quite some time. It’s a complition of names and photos of regular Washingtonians who called the District their home between 1912 and 1942.

P.S. Sorry for the typo in the video.

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  • Patricia Pugsley

    Thank you! This was wonderful. Keep on doing it. But if you do more videos, let them linger for a few more seconds so we can read the whole thing and enjoy the pics. I’ve enjoyed your site ever since you started it. I’ve lived here all my live and I’m 51. My family on both sides has lived here for a few generations. It’s good to see someone cares about old DC. I love it, I’m never leaving. It’s my home forever.

  • Patricia Pugsley

    Oh, no. I made some typos. Sorry everyone. I’m a dummy.

    • Tom

      no problem … I made a typo in the video too 😉

  • Loved seeing those sweet faces of children; My Mother was born January 11, 1922 in Washington DC; she had an older sister, and later, another sister and a brother. As far as I know, the siblings lived in DC until they were grown and moved away to the suburbs. Mother loved to take me around the city, and used to take me to see the window displays at Christmastime. Thanks for the pictures, Tom!