Giant Food Ad from 1979

Wow, remember these days? It’s humorous looking at these prices. This is an advertisement from the Washington Post printed on June 25th, 1979.

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Giant Food in 1979
Giant Food in 1979

Source: The Washington Post

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  • Aaron Klemm

    I love real evidence of historical prices! According to this calculator one dollar in 1979 would buy $3.22 of goods today. Take the ketchup sale price of $0.69 x 3.22 and you would expect the same ketchup to cost 2.22 today. Here it sells for $2.48 which isn’t too far off, but this is a non-sale price.

    If you consider the non-sale 1979 price of $0.99 you would expect ketchup to cost $3.19/32oz today. Perhaps today’s prices are actually lower (or at least relatively unchanged)…at least on ketchup.

  • Jewish Historical Society of G
  • Page 7

    Wow, I remember that bottle of Giant brand ‘catsup’. Back whem everything was glass.

  • Margaret Nye

    Oh, to have a time machine…