A 1930s Aerial View of Dupont Circle Building

You recognize this building. Yep, the one with CVS and Krispy Kreme. This is a view of it from the air in the 1930s.

Dupont Circle Building at 1346 Connecticut Ave. NW

Dupont Circle Building at 1346 Connecticut Ave. NW

  • http://www.wbklaw.com Mike Sullivan

    CVS is in a different building on the western side of Dupont Circle.

    • myeki

      There’s a CVS in this building too.

      This building had a great big movie theater, the Dupont Theater, which was closed in the mid-80s and turned into a multiplex. The same space today is the CVS.

      • http://www.wbklaw.com Mike Sullivan

        You’re right. The CVS apparently isn’t visible on the Connecticut Avenue side of the building, only the 19th Street side.

  • dcgent

    More interesting are those now-vanished rowhouses next to it!

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