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Don’t Enter That House. It’s Haunted!

boy on the steps to the Octagon House in 1921

Here is an apropos photo for All Hallows’ Eve. It’s a shot of a boy walking up the steps to the Octagon House, a house I wouldn’t recommend entering this evening, since it is frequently listed as the most haunted …

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Officer Sprinkle and the Haunted Police Station

Capitol Hill Haunts - Tim Krepp

This is the first guest post by GoDCer Tim. Given that we have “ghosts” in our name and with today being Halloween, it’s appropriate to have a post about the paranormal. Also, don’t forget to check out Tim’s recently released …

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Metro’s Bizarre 1970s Halloween Mockup

Halloween in Washington - Metro mockup

Here’s a weird image from the early archives of WMATA.  It depicts “Halloween In Washington” but clearly stretches the bounds of reality — and Metro’s rules.  Let’s face it… there’s no way a guy riding a giraffe could ever board …

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Irony! Watergate Ad Welcomes Nixon’s Presidency

Richard Nixon by Norman Rockwell in 1968

On the morning of President Nixon’s 1969 inauguration, several local businesses ran newspaper ads congratulating the new chief executive. Furniture stores, department stores, grocers… few are immune to inaugural excitement. But one local business had — in hindsight — a …

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Georgetown Map Circa 1915

map of Georgetown in 1915 (Baist real estate atlas)

Another fantastic Baist real estate map, this time from 1915. The map shows a good chunk of Georgetown.

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Top 10 Ghosts of D.C. Halloween Costumes

dude on metro in costume (via

We would be doing GoDCers a disservice if we did not compile a list of the top five GoDC-related customers for Halloween. These are some of the most colorful characters that we have come across in the 10 months since …

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Exorcising at Least Some of the Ghosts of DC

Michael Morse swings

The final regular season game of the 2012 regular season was a little bittersweet. Sure, Teddy finally won a president’s race (with some timely assistance from a faux Phillie Phanatic) and the Nationals chalked up the most wins of any …

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Frankenstorm Circa 1891

Lincoln Memorial and an approaching storm (

As the huddled masses of D.C. sit and brace for the worst of this new Frankenstorm, Ghosts of DC has dug up an even more epic and terrifying storm that crushed Washington in a mere 30 minutes on November 23rd, …

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White House Police Captain John McCubbin

Meet John McCubbin, White House police officer in 1922, recently promoted to head the force. Yes, he looks a little stiff. He was born in Virginia to a Scottish father and English mother. His wife, Hattie, was from Maryland, and …

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Price of Advertising in 1860

rates of advertising for The National Republican in 1860

Do you work in the newspaper or media world? You will find this fascinating. These are the ad rates for The National Republican in 1861.

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Heurich’s Beer: It Stands Unrivaled!

Ad for Heurich Brewery in 1891

Here is a great ad (with an exceeding amount of information) from the Sunday Herald, circa 1891. And if you haven’t been yet, make sure to check out the Heurich House Museum, the coolest place you probably haven’t been to.

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