Daily Archives: Jul 6, 2012

Drawing of American University's campus from the air by Andrew B. Graham in 1899 (Library of Congress)

I dug this one up in the Library of Congress archives. Look how rural the surrounding area is. Related articles Contribute to the Washington National Monument Society (ghostsofdc.org) Potom...

A street vendor and his radio-equipped cart circa 1928 in Washington, D.C. 4x5 glass negative from the National Photo Company Collection. (Shorpy)

I don't know about you, but I'm going to hit up the food trucks at Farragut today. I can't get enough of that chicken on pita. Yum. Here's a guy working his cart back in 1928 ... the good old days,...

1916 Slaves reunion. Lewis Martin, age 100; Martha Elizabeth Banks, age 104; Amy Ware, age 103; Rev. Simon P. Drew, born free." Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, 921 N Street N.W. (Shorpy)

What an unbelievably powerful photo that speaks for itself. Below is an article published by the Washington Post on September 25th, 1916, leading up to the convention. A mass meetin...