Michael Jordan Lands in D.C.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

If you were living in D.C. in the fall of 2001, this was a big deal … although, there was a certain undertone of skepticism. Could he still play at the same level, despite being 38?

Michael Jordan gave the team a shot in the arm in 2001, but it still wasn’t enough to make the team good. The Wizards went from sucky to not as sucky, finishing with a record of 37-45, good enough for fifth place. He was a giant attendance booster, bumping the Wizards to third in the NBA.

The following year the team was equally not as sucky, finishing with a record of 37-45 again. And again, they were fifth but had the second highest attendance in the NBA. His Airness was a great draw, but he was well past his prime.

Jordan was canned by Abe Pollin after the season and Michael ended his playing career one last time.

Michael Jordan on court at career finale
Michael Jordan on court at career finale

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