The Doors Concert at the Washington Hilton in 1967

The Washington Hilton was a happenin’ place to see live music apparently, with Hendrix also playing there in ’68. Thanksgiving was the following Thursday, so I imagine a large number of kids were home from college, and what better way to take a break than watch Morrison, Manzarek, Densmore and Krieger?

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The Doors International Ballroom ticket
Ticket stub for the Doors – November 25th, 1967

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The Doors play the Washington Hilton - 1967
The Doors play the Washington Hilton – 1967

Thanks to Google, I found a number of these images here. And if you want to read a ridiculous amount of information about the Doors, go here. The Internet is amazing.

  • Richard Brown

    Thanks much, I was at this concert, but it has long seemed like a dream. I’ve tried to cultivate memories of this event. I also used to go to the Ambassador Theatre, not far removed. Eh, what times!

    • Bernie Kitts

      I saw Hendrix at the Ambassador Theater for a couple bucks in ’67. The over the top light show was mind bending. Jimi sacrificed his stratocaster on the final show. He autographed the white Fender and they hung it on a wall in tribute. I always wanted that Strat……

  • I should be able to do better. I was 17; with my 13-year-old brother, I drove down from Hagerstown to see this show. It felt strange, entering such a plush venue to see a rock & roll show. Previously we had been to the old , old DC Armory on New York Ave. to see the Yardbirds in a package show. We were early and staked out a soft leather booth and looked around at the marble ballroom. I remember it was fairly sparsely attended. We had a good view sitting. The Doors were not yet the phenomenon they would become. Indeed, this was a restrained shoe for them, compared to what would happen in Miami a short time later. I remember seeing Morrison in expensive leather pants (unusual for the day when ragged jeans were the fashion standard). With all the fancy leather around I remember wondering if I really belonged there. But the show lived up to our expectations, based on that first album.