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    Found a fun ad placed by Langdon, Barber & Albright (708 E across from the Post Office) for 8 houses in a February 1874 “Daily Critic” where the boundary head was 3rd though 6th. A June 8, 1875 article was about how the Ledroit Park Building Company was being formed (at that address) with a capital stock of $25,000. A September 14, 1876 article said a James H. McGill sent a report to the X about the canes in the area over that previous 2 years. An 10-30-1877 in the “Daily Critic” indicated that since 1873 that the development dales had made $350,000.

    Though it seems all was not so bucolic bucase Maria Hawkins and John Wells were convicted in August 1877 of stealing from Mr. A. Langdon’s house in the area.