Photo of Guards at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 1995

Here’s a cool photo sent in by one of our GoDC readers, Carol. Thanks for sharing this! I know of one former Tomb Guard who might be able to fill us in on why they were located at the bottom of the steps back then. GoDCer Ben, can you add your comments below?

Tom of the Unknown Soldier (1995)
Tom of the Unknown Soldier (1995)

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  • Ethan Morse

    This was during the disinterment of the Vietnam War Unknown in 1998.


    There have been several instances where the Tomb Guards were posted at the bottom of the steps. According to several 95′ era Tomb Guards this was during a period where the Memorial Amphitheater was under construction. It lasted for many months. You can see the green (black?) wall that was set up to prevent visitors from accessing the plaza where the guard’s tour normally takes place. Interestingly, the area that you see is actually part of the guard’s normal ‘post’, which per his/her Special Order number one “includes all the area inside the chains”. That area is normally patrolled during the evening hours when guard duty is generally less formal. Hope that works for you Officer Sprinkle! – Ben