Footage of 1922 Knickerbocker Theatre Disaster Aftermath

Many of you will be familiar with these images from the Knickerbocker Theater disaster. We haven’t yet written about it, but there’s an excellent write-up on it at here and at Greater Greater Washington.

Knickerbocker Theater disaster
Knickerbocker Theater disaster

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  • I’m always bemused by the fact that in 1922, people went to the theater after over two FEET of snow had fallen, when today, we’re warned not to risk death and destruction by going to work after a two INCH snowfall.

    • Popeye D. Saylorman

      Thats because they had nothing else to do at home. Today we have radio, TV, internet, video games, and videos to keep us at home entertained. They just sat and looked at the walls back then.

  • Glenn Wallace

    Mrs. Carrie Pessou was a victim of this horrible disaster…