Carriage Ride Through Rock Creek in 1890

Look at this great photo from 1890. It shows a group of people riding their horse and buggies through Rock Creek Park. I don’t suppose any of you recognize where this is? I know, that’s a long shot.

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1890s stroll through Rock Creek Park
1890s stroll through Rock Creek Park

Source: National Register and U.S. National Archives

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  • Based on the map at , there were three fords as of 1922, a few years after this picture. One was just south of Klingle Road, one was for crossing Broad Branch, just north of Broad Branch Road, and one was Milkhouse Ford, which still exists, just north of the Miller Cabin.

  • TD McGann

    I am quite sure that this picture is of the ford just north of Military Road and that it is located in the V-shaped area of the snapshot below. The road was straightened out later, in the late ’50s I believe, as a bridge was built to obviate using the ford.

  • Anonymous

    Millkhouse Ford – part of Milkhouse Fort Road. Its north of Military Road on Beach Drive.

  • Steve Michaels

    Here it is today