New Arlington Shopping Center Costs $250,000 (1940)

If you live in Arlington, you’ve probably driven past this place a thousand times. The shopping center we’re talking about sits at the intersection of Columbia Pike and Glebe Road.

The Washington Post had a brief article on June 16th, mentioning the new shopping center that was going up in 1940.

Another shopping center is scheduled for Arlington, Va. Progressive Building Corporation, headed by Hyman Eckhaus, president, has purchased as the site, more than 90,000 square feet at the northeast intersection of Columbia pike and Glebe road, it is reported. The transaction was handled through the office of Kelley, Steele & Branner and Gilliam Parramere. The structure described as an outstanding one, has been designed by E. J. Conner.

The projected center will represent an investment of approximately $250,000, and will be ready for occupancy October 1. According to estimates, density of Arlington traffic has increased almost 100 per cent since last year’s count. On this basis, it is estimated 12,000 cars on Columbia pike and 600 on Glebe road will pass the site daily. Kelley, Steele & BRanner will be the leasing agents.

Ha! Only 600 cars on Glebe Road each day?

Check out the drawing of the shopping center from the article, and below is the Google Street View of the center today.

drawing of shopping center (1940)
drawing of shopping center (1940)

Source: The Washington Post


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  • Robert A. Mosher

    It’s been interesting to see this center go through several make-overs since I moved to the area back in the 1970s, reflecting changes in marketing, design, etc as the infrastructure was also repaired and upgraded (I hope!).

  • general

    It’s funny that the spot on the rendering that says “Market” now has a Boston Market in it.

  • Marty Chase

    Good memories of that shopping center…used to hang out at the drugstore there in the late 1950’s. By that time a large car dealership (Ourisman Chevrolet) was across the street.

  • Neil

    This was also the location of the original Five Guys!

  • Don

    Brenner’s bakery was the best

  • Andrew
  • Retired_Jim

    Loved Brenner’s Bakery!

  • Paddy Wacker

    Retired Jim has obviously lived here a long time but he is absolutely right. Brenner’s was the very best. More years ago than I like to think about I would head down Columbia Pike to Brenner’s for two Chop Suey’s and two cups of their fantastic coffee. It made reading the Sunday paper with my wife (now of 44 years) a wonderful tradition that we reluctantly gave up when we moved to the burbs for family rearing. Alone together again we talk about those days and finding a new bakery that isn’t part of a grocery store.