Luxury Apartments at 1500 Mass. Ave for $109.50

Wow, this will make you choke. The ad is from January 26th, 1969 in the Washington Post.

1500 Mass. Ave advertisement - January 26th, 1969 (Washington Post)
1500 Mass. Ave advertisement – January 26th, 1969 (Washington Post)

You know the building. You’ve probably passed it many times, or maybe you know someone that lives there. Check it out on Google Street View.


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  • del2124

    Damn, that building is ugly.

  • Ian

    That actually comes out to just over $700 in today’s dollars. So given that studios at 1500 Mass now go for $1,550, in real terms, prices have risen by just 2.4% per year.

  • Sheila Gilbert

    When I lived on Pennsylvania Ave. in 1967 our apartment rent was $47.50 for a one bedroom. It was really nice too. Big living room, standard small kitchen but with a huge pantry, small dining room, and one big bedroom. Clean as could be too.