Daily Archives: Feb 5, 2013

Civil War Bird’s Eye View of Washington Area

One of the first GoDCers, John, sent along an awesome old maps site a few days ago, appropriately named Old Maps Online. Poking around the site this past weekend (I was in a big map phase), I came across this …

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American Engineering Council’s Annual Dinner at the Mayflower Hotel (1937)

annual dinner of the American Engineering Council (1937)

This room is full of middle-aged white dudes. The photograph below (courtesy of the Library of Congress) is the annual dinner of the American Engineering Council at the Mayflower Hotel, held in 1937. Their annual meeting was held that morning …

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Prank Kills Georgetown Student

Healy Hall at Georgetown University (source: The Bully Pulpit)

This is a tragic story we came across in the Washington Post, from November 19th, 1912. This is the story of prank gone horribly wrong at Georgetown University. Climbing out on a narrow ledge on the front of the Healey …

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