Three Georgetown Homes of Notable Senators

As Mrs. Ghost went Christmas shopping this past weekend, I decided to go for a walk to explore the streets of Georgetown.

The part of town most tourists think of when Washington history is mentioned, Georgetown is home to innumerable notable people and some regular folk as well.

This installment of “Three Things…” will highlight the homes of three notable United States Senators, all with the name John and all three ran for president.

1. John F. Kennedy – 3307 N St. NW

John F. Kennedy's former residence - 3307 N St. NW
John F. Kennedy’s former residence – 3307 N St. NW

The former home of the 35th president is not numbered, but you can’t miss it. JFK and Jackie had several homes in Georgetown during their time before the White House, but one is notable because it was from this house that he departed on January 20th, 1961 to take the oath of office at the Capitol and give his famous “ask not what your country can do for you” speech.

2. John Kerry – 3322 O St. NW

John Kerry's Georgetown residence
John Kerry’s Georgetown residence

This is one of at least five homes owned by John and Teresa. The Bodisco House at 3322 O St. is a massive brick building, just a block away from Kennedy’s old home.

When the senator is in town, this is where he hosts his super fancy, ridiculously expensive fundraising dinners. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say none of you have been inside this home or attended an event there … that is, unless you’re reading this Harry Reid.

3. John Edwards – 3327 P St. NW

former residence of John Edwards at 3327 P St. NW
former residence of John Edwards at 3327 P St. NW

This is where the former one-term senator from North Carolina, presidential and vice presidential candidate, lawyer, pricey haircut getting philandering McDouche used to live. It’s a pretty massive home built in 1820, but surprisingly, is affordably valued at only $8 million. What a great investment for the individuals who acquired it in 2011 for a mere $6.7 million.

So, enjoy your time wandering the 3300 blocks of N, O and P streets in Georgetown. You’ll see some seriously amazing old homes, three of which used to be the homes of some notable D.C. residents.

Oh ya, maybe I should change the title to “Three Georgetown Homes Owned by Three Rich White Dudes Named John, Who Served as Democratic Senators and Ran for President.”

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  • Dan

    I’d love to see more of these posts. I’ve walked past all three of these houses several times, admired at how beautful they were, but never would’ve guessed the historical context of the properties. Kudos.

  • With respect to 3322 O Street NW – Senator Kerry. It should be noted that this was Senator Heinz’ home for many years before he died so tragically in a plane crash. He was married to Teresa Heinz who later married Senator Kerry.

  • Ted S.

    I used to live at 3318 N — another beautiful old house with a garden off the dining room on the second floor, and burn marks on the floors allegedly from the War of 1812 fires …

  • Susie
  • Audrey Burtrum-Stanley

    The Kennedy residence just changed-hands not too long ago.
    Inside the front door is a narrow hallway that incorporates the very steep stairs. The livingroom ( left) is a small and accomodates fairly small furniture. Jackie famously painted and re-painted the room different shades of biege. (Front / 2nd story) Caroline’s bedroom was here and had painted garlands of rosebuds around the window and door. (Master beddroom) JFK’s closet had handy ‘shoe shelves’ so he would not hurt his bad back reaching for footwear.
    One of the over-looked areas is the fenced backyard & alley. Prospective cabinet members slipped in here to confer with JFK. (No one knew WHO was being considered!) He later made the announcements from the front step.
    The orig. porch light fixtures were missing for a long time, but seem to have been reinstalled / or replaced with similar.
    A mature tree was at the curb – it died after JFK – and has now been replanted.
    Grateful reporters gave the plaque on the house across the St. The neighbors provided coffee ‘n comfort to weary’n cold journalists assigned to JFK.
    A collector friend used to own the front door key (ordinary looking) and Kennedy’s post-election ‘Bill of Sale’ on the house.
    RFK also lived nearby / prior to moving to the ‘Hickory Hills’ residence.