1863 Photograph Down New Jersey Ave.

This is an incredible view down New Jersey Ave. in 1863. The caption reads:

Southeast view with New Jersey Ave. on the right and A Street and B Street (i.e., Independence Ave.) in the foreground; view includes the Washington Navy Yard, the Eastern Branch (i.e., Anacostia River), the Ebenezer United Methodist Church (i.e., Mount Joy Baptist Church), “Duddington” house, temporary government(?) wooden buildings, the Casparis House, Capitol Hill Restaurant and the Holmes Restaurant.

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Southeast view with New Jersey Ave. in 1863
Southeast view with New Jersey Ave. in 1863

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  • Jennifer

    Great photo! What is the source? Library of Congress website? Would be helpful if you could cite your sources for these historical photos for those of us who’d like to dig a little deeper. Thanks!

  • Not quite sure; would Nat’s Stadium be in this photo today? Right side along the river?

  • FireDoug

    @ Ben Fortney: Couple or 3 blocks to the right of the photograph. Neat Civil War era photo.

  • Andrew Large

    Wow! Any links to contemporaneous maps? So many questions. Are those long white structures barracks? What is the huge building next to the river – a shipyard? Would this have been taken from the Capitol?

  • OLD DC Family

    Why does the reference to “Ebenezer United Methodist Church” list in parentheses “Mount Joy Baptist Church”. Ebenezer United Methodist Church is NOT Mount Joy. Ebenezer is 186 years old and the site of the first publicly-funded school for Black Children in Washington D.C.

  • M. Zivich

    In the New Jersey Ave. picture, there’s an inscription, “Stable Yard,” just to the lower right of center on a large board fence. It could have been written on the photograph, or it might be graffiti on the fence. Hard to tell.