Amazingly Detailed Photo of Treasury Department in 1860

Take a look at this amazing photograph from 1860. You’re looking across 15th St. where Pennsylvania Ave. turns to cross in front of the building and the White House.

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Department of Treasury in 1860
Department of Treasury in 1860

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  • Dougl

    The facade looks to be one facing the White House. That would make this perspective (unless it’s a mirror image) from the north across Pennsylvania, before the north facade was complete? Alternatively, this could be the building currently occupied by the second empire Old Executive Office Building, from the south.

  • Dougl

    Confirming from other photographs, this indeed is a view from Pennsylvania Avenue facing to the southeast, showing to the right the facade facing the White House. Though the Treasury was begun in 1836, the north part was occupied by the old Dep’t of State building; this photograph was taken just after they demolished State and begun completing the north facade – the northwest part is already complete here. The buildings across 15th street can be seen in the background.

  • Here’s a cleaned-up copy of that, without all the pinholes, scratches, and dust spots:

    • Tom

      Very nice. Thanks for the share.