Three Bedroom Ramblers in Woodbridge

This is a cool one from Virginia, right out of the Wonder Years era. That’s right, Kevin Arnold … well, actually, Kevin was born on March 18th, 1956 (thanks Wikipedia!). Nevertheless, this is the kind of home the Arnold’s would have purchased, if they lived in our area. Either this, or something in Falls Church.

Woodbridge Estates real estate advertisement - December 7th, 1952
Woodbridge Estates real estate advertisement – December 7th, 1952

Here’s the Google Map of the area today. Of course, Woodbridge was fairly undeveloped at the time and there was no I-95 running through it.


The Wonder Years … great show? … or greatest show ever?

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    Here’s a fun nugget of information…the Wonder Years is based on the show’s writer’s life–his name is David Stern (brother of the actor Daniel Stern who narrated the show), and he grew up in Silver Spring.