Daily Archives: Aug 30, 2012

Hot Pants, a Hooded Hair Dryer and the 9:30 Club

Earlier this week, Ghosts of DC received a generous invite to tour the 9:30 Club. To some GoDCers, it might come as a shock that we haven’t yet written about this hub of the local music scene. It wasn’t the …

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Escaped Monkey Spreads Terror in East Riverdale

angry monkeys are scary

Do not piss off an angry monkey. It will tear your face off. Never trust a monkey, especially one that is getting its first taste of freedom. The summer of 1929 had the residents of East Riverdale, Maryland bear witness …

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Drunken Party Ends in Death; Revelers Held

Washington Post headline

We love articles about whoopee parties. Who doesn’t? Here’s one that we came across which had a troubling ending, far worse that the last one that we wrote about. The article was published in the Washington Post on July 8th, …

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