1904 Howard University Football and 1906 St. John’s College Football

Check out this cool photo of Howard University’s football team in 1904. GoDCer Andy sent this in after checking out this cool post about Georgetown Prep’s basketball team. St. John’s College is now St. John’s College High School on Military Rd.

Howard University football in 1904
Howard University football in 1904
St. John's College football in 1906
St. John’s College football in 1906

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  • ET

    The man listed as assistant coach was Dr. William H. “Cap” Washington who coached between 1901-1906. He played there as well while working on his medical degree. He later moved to New Jersey and became a doctor. I believe the name of number 15 is Dwight Holmes (later on the Howard faculty) may have been a captain of the team at some point was the QB.