Crazy Flood of 1923

In April 1923 there was a major flood in DC. Here is a photo of the aftermath and a streetcar that’s seen better days.

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Washington, D.C. "Flood, April 30, 1923." Also some 91-year-old graffiti: "EH L TD." National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
Washington, D.C. “Flood, April 30, 1923.” Also some 91-year-old graffiti: “EH L TD.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

Source: Shorpy

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  • ET

    I was wondering where this was since there are no markers and the Treasury on the streetcar doesn’t help much. An article in the Post indicates that it was more on the east side of the city and Prince Georges county (they do mention Capitol Heights in particular). It mentions washouts at 61st and East Capitol, 57th and Dix, 53 south of the railroad track, Division Av. and Grant, 50th and Grant, 48th south of the railroad, 44th south of the tracks, and Benning between Central Av. and the DC line. Also, a bridge at 53rd south of the tracks was washed away wile the bridge at 58th and Grant was in danger of collapse.

    • Sheila Gilbert

      Wow! Great information. Thank you