For Sale: 460 Acres of Land on Rock Creek

Here is an old classified advertisement from The Baltimore Sun, printed on November 12th, 1845.

Baltimore Sun - November 12th, 1845
Baltimore Sun – November 12th, 1845

In the ad, you’ll see some interesting property for sale, namely a large plot of lange on the Rockville and Washington Turnpike, near “Silver Spring” (why is it named Silver Spring?). How about the 460 acres of land for sale along Rock Creek? This is the part of the park up near the Maryland border.

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  • Pauly Myers

    The reason it is called “Silver Spring” is because there was a little spring of water coming from the ground, and with the sunshine shining on the water it made it look like the color of silver . It was noticed on a horseback-riding Little excursion for the day when I believe it was Preston Blair was out with his niece or granddaughter, I’m not sure… but they noticed this little spring of water that at this moment I believe still has a gazebo to mark where it is . Preston Blair indeed is the man for whom Blair House is named. Blair House is situated directly across from the White House —or actually directly across from the Old Executive office building, Which is next to the White House on the 17th St. side .
    (Another good trivia question of course is
    “why is the White House named the “White House”? Yes, I do know the answer !)
    It’s amazing to this day that Silver Spring is an un- incorporated town, while being the largest town in the state of Maryland . The boundary of Silver Spring begins at the District line and extends all the way up to the county line between Prince George’s County and Howard county, at the Patuxent River .