Help Identify This 1950s Location

We came across these beautiful photographs on Flickr and had to share them with GoDCers. It appears to be an old car getting in need of some repairs after an accident. The vehicle appears to be a Dodge (anyone able to identify the model?). Also, we’re trying to dig through old archives and advertisements to see where this might have been. If you think you know, please post in the comments below.

Source: Radio Rover

The service station is Cities Service, which was the precursor to Citgo.

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  • Tom

    So, not DC? In MD?

  • Yes, DC, just inside though, maybe by a block.

  • patrick Lally

    And this is a 1948 Dodge D-24 “Deluxe.”

  • patrick Lally

    Oh. Also, just as a little factoid. The tall brick building in the background is the “Hedin House” built in the International Style right after the war as Rhode Island Avenue was expanding out toward PG County. I have a postcard of it if you’d like a picture.

  • John3InDC

    The phone numbers on the tow truck – assuming the truck to belong to the station – affords a couple of clues. Those are the “Columbia” (265) and “Republic” (737) exchanges in DC. I wasn’t able to find anything on the web to reveal what central offices those numbers were associated with back in the day, but phone numbers with those prefixes today may still be clustered in and around the general area (like, 244 is upper northwest and 332 is Georgetown). Just judging by “Columbia”, I’d guess that the station is somewhere along 14th or 15th St. NW around today’s Columbia Heights.

  • Joe Renard

    May be corner of Georgia Ave and Missouri Ave NW ?

  • Patrick Lally

    This is the corner of Rhode Island and Newton, NE, in Woodridge. The Cities is now a Shell station. In the background you can see the only identifiable landmark, the “Hedin House” apartments originally built after the war as an extended stay hotel.

    • Antonio Castillo

      I am currently working for the company renovating the Hedin House apartments and I was wondering where you got that information and if you could direct me to it. I would love to locate some old photos of the building as a hotel if possible.