Detailed Aerial Photo of Griffith Stadium and Neighborhood

Now this is a terrific photo of Griffith Stadium, taken from the air. We posted a smaller version of this yesterday but we wanted to share the much larger version with you independent of that post. Click on it for a larger version and study the details of it. Pretty cool to see the houses in the neighborhood. You can also see some people on the field either taking batting practice, or just playing around. I don’t see anyone on the pitcher’s mound, so maybe the guy at the plate is a coach, hitting flyballs to the outfielders gathered in left field.

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Griffith Stadium in 1925
Griffith Stadium in 1925

Source: U.S. National Archives

What do GoDCers think, and what else can you see in this photo?


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  • dan

    love it

  • Stephen

    That’s a great photo. I’m amazed at the pace of construction in that area of the city. I’ll look for an article on the Washington Grays.

  • Jay Roberts

    A lot of history with that ballpark. The Grays were a dynasty and we’re left to wonder how good the Nats could have been with Josh Gibson and a few of his teammates.

    Of course Griffin was making money at both ends..