Best Lobster Dinner Ever!

Oh man, check this out. Can you make up a caption for this?

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Scene with lobster in Duke Zeibert's Restaurant at 1722 L Street NW. (ca. 1960). Photograph by Vincent A. Finnigan. Duke Zeibert Photograph Collection, HSW.
Scene with lobster in Duke Zeibert’s Restaurant at 1722 L Street NW. (ca. 1960). Photograph by Vincent A. Finnigan. Duke Zeibert Photograph Collection, HSW.

Source: Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

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  • Bob

    The “diner” is Jackson Weaver and the “chef” is Frank Harden of DC’s longtime top-rated WMAL-AM morning radio team of “Harden & Weaver”. (Their program debuted in 1960.)

  • Clark Larson

    My good sir, I ordered a lobster, not a crawfish!

  • Connie

    I’ll need a nice, crisp white wine from the Loire Valley to go with this fine fellow!

  • Jason

    “Excuse me but no, I would prefer you did not butter him up for me, chef. I brought my pet lobster in this aquarium here just to show you what a real lobster looks like.”

  • David

    The lobster looks fine but can you refill my wine, i’m getting a little low.

  • R.T. Hubbard

    Is that Jackson Weaver of Harden and Weaver fame, long time radio personalities in the D.C. area?

    • Mr DC Memories

      You are correct on 2 counts. The diner is Jackson Weaver. The waiter is Frank Harden. You might enjoy watching an interview with Frank Harden that covers his career:

  • Ralph Warnock

    Better get a bucket . . . . .

  • Audrey Burtrum-Stanley

    The man holding the over-sized snifter is NOT a radio personality but the famed DUKE ZEIBERT himself! His sketch portrait appears on the bib he is sporting! His restaurant (in the 1950s – 60s era) was adorned with several sketches of Duke in amusing poses. He also had an impressive array of football championship awards in the restaurant lobby.
    Duke’s was an important ‘Power Lunch’ location. Many important people were regular customers. Duke moved the business a couple of times but was mostly in the heart of the capitol’s business district.
    One evening we were with fellow Arkasawyers and decided to dine at Duke’s (as he had a special Hot Springs, Ark connection!) He was then on the 2nd floor of a mostly glass building and we rode an escalator to the dining facility. Arriving late, we passed three men having a meal. Glancing over to smile as I passed their table, I saw a familiar face. The man acted like ‘a mean dog defending his juicy steak bone’ and gave a menacing stare. My friend said he thought the fellow actually GROWLED at him. The gentleman bringing up the end of our group, smiled at the grouch and cheerfully said: “Good evening Mr. Wallace. I love ’60 MINUTES!'”

  • Audrey Burtrum-Stanley

    OK…it IS not DUKE! I found another pic of the ‘real deal’ fellow- and your image was some gag promo photo by the radio jocks. DUKE Z (plus his restaurant( deserves to be written up on their own merits!

  • Sheila Gilbert

    Check this out. It’s a bit later than this photo, but you decide. Third photo in from the beginning

    • Sheila Gilbert

      Historical Society of Washington DC