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Tom founded Ghosts of DC on January 4th, 2012 as a blog to uncover the lost and untold history of Washington, D.C. He has lived in the city for over a decade and loves exploring every corner of the District.

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  • Clark

    Great photo! I love the ships on the Potomac and partial Washington Monument. What a different age it was.

    • ET

      I am glad someone else sees the partial Washington Monument. It is tiny and hazy so I wasn’t sure.

      • dbartramr

        Beef Depot Monument, isn’t it?

  • Publius

    This is a new view to me — very interesting. It looks like the camera was mounted somewhere in the vicinity of The Georgetown College observatory. Did the neatly tended gardens in the picture provide fruits and vegetables to the college kitchens and dining room?

  • Arlington Historical Society

    Is the photographer facing VA or DC?