Photos of The Beatles in Washington, D.C.

We wrote some posts about The Beatles a long time ago, like this one about their first concert and this one about them playing D.C. Stadium. It’s been a really long time since we posted about The Fab Four — and it’s one of the most searched terms on our site — so, here’s some more D.C. Beatles-related content.

So, here are a bunch of photos we found related to their trip to D.C., taking the train from New York to Union Station on February 11th, 1964.

How great are these photos? It really makes them seem like boys, horsing around on the train, having the time of their lives. They’re in their early twenties and they’re on top of the world.

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  • John3InDC

    February 11 is the 50th anniversary of the concert and the owners of the parking garage are organizing an event for the evening, with a tribute band and displays and a lot of other stuff. A part of me is skeptical that they’ll actually pull it off, but the event has been getting some media attention, so who knows?

    • Julie Tripp

      The Preservation League announced an opening act today of Tommy Roe – who originally opened for the beatles in 1964. Not to mention a bunch of these pics shown above are from the photographer that will be exhibiting his images from 2/11/64. Sounds down right serious to me. I bought my tickets!

  • DanR

    After DC – Wearing their “WPGC Good Guys” shirts in Florida.

  • JCarpenter

    Ringo released an ebook of photographs a couple years back. One picture
    includes a short caption: “Some bridge. I hope it’s Washington…”. It
    certainly looks Taft bridge taken from the Omni Shoreham
    where the Beatles stayed. I couldn’t find a copy of the picture online
    and I don’t know if I can post a copy due to copyright..?
    Among other
    pictures, there is one of a “chair car attendant” from the Seaboard
    Railroad and another of the railway taken from the train but it seems
    impossible to tell the location.