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Vice President Coolidge and Speaker Gillett, Exercise Buddies

Vice Pres. Coolidge and House Speaker Gillett exercising in House gym. Jan. 31, 1923 (Library of Congress)

Really? This looks like the lamest workout ever. What the hell is Coolidge doing? I’m going to get some Five Guys now. Yum. Related articles Email From a GoDCer: Alexander Graham Bell’s Georgetown Home (ghostsofdc.org) Three Random Facts About the …

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Film Footage of Woodrow Wilson in the White House

Woodrow Wilson in White House

This is pretty interesting. Check out this footage of President Wilson at the White House. Related articles Origins of the Political Ad: Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 Campaign Film (pbs.org) Video: Wilson, Harding and a Nation Pay Respect to the Unknown Soldier …

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