Motor Roads Through Rock Creek in 1922

This is a really cool map from the Washington Times, published on Saturday, May 22nd, 1922. It shows the drivable roadways through Rock Creek Park, for you to enjoy a leisurely cruise through the city’s best park.

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motor roads through Rock Creek Park
motor roads through Rock Creek Park

Source: Library of Congress

Hopefully you’re out enjoying the weather today in Rock Creek Park. Mr. and Mrs. Ghost just went for a nice hike in the park. Ghost Dog didn’t get to go this time 🙁

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  • Interesting to see how some of the old roads have been relabeled where they remain. Chappel Road still exists for one block under the name Chappelle Road; it continues as 36th street for a few blocks, but its meetup with Grant Road is long gone. Military Road used to be a name for several unconnected streets. Many of the old ones are still around under one name or another, such as the part that is the hilly portion of Davenport Street. And Rock Creek Ford Road has almost completely been eliminated, except for a few partial blocks and the portion that got absorbed into Nevada Avenue.