1935 Map of Juvenile Delinquents in Washington

This is totally fascinating. GoDCer, and early contributor, John sent along an awesome site, which is a gold mine for old maps. This is one of our early favorites.

It is a map from 1935, plotting all the residences housing a juvenile delinquent, according to the Juvenile Court of the District of Columbia.

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1935 map of D.C. juvenile delinquents
1935 map of D.C. juvenile delinquents
  • This is so cool. What was the URL of the site and where can one see the original and other maps you mentioned? As a geography teacher I am also on the lookout for great sites. My thanks in advance.

  • archie27

    Can we get a 2013 version?

  • Josh

    yes, please share the url of the map site!

  • Bill Simmons

    what duh website