Updates from the Blog / 18.01.2012

Okay, it turns out it's not exactly easy to crank out two or three posts each day. So far, I'm averaging three posts daily and maybe one or two on Saturday and Sunday. Usually one of the posts is a popular one with a fair bit of traffic (typically the morning post) and the other two range between average and total duds (hey, not every idea I come up with is genius). While it may not be easy to generate that much content, it is definitely a lot of fun and personally rewarding. I very much appreciate the gratitude my readers have shared on Facebook, Twitter, comments and via email. So thank you for your encouragement and support. Part of my goal with this blog is to better understand the history of the city that I have called home for over a decade. But what is becoming more important is to document the hidden history of the District and share that with anyone that wants to read it.
Updates from the Blog / 11.01.2012

This has been a great first week. With the help of my wife, I came up with the name Ghosts of D.C. on Monday and by Wednesday, the blog up and running with the first post. Incidentally, I was a little trigger happy with posts and knocked out two more posts that night. I also stayed up exceedingly late on most nights queuing up posts for the next day, to the detriment of my health, but it was worth it. A few themes began to crystallize that I will be following down the road. My favorite is "From the Crazy Vault" with all the ridiculous stuff I come across in old Washington Post articles. I can't decided if I'm happy or sad to know that things were always messed up. The one I most enjoyed doing was this one, about 1036 Park Rd. NW, the building currently occupied by Red Rocks (and yes, I convinced my wife to go that night). The coolest one  was the Hendrix bit (who knew the Washington Hilton was so hip in the 60s?) followed by the post on the Beatles concert in 1964 (this one was the most popular one). The biggest dud of the week was this one. I take this to mean that people don't like books (WTF?). We kicked off our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, gaining a bunch of followers and sharing our stories through those social communities. On a slight tangent ... I keep switching between "I" and "we" because I feel the latter includes all the people who help me by giving my ideas or proofreading, primarily my wife, who is indulging me in this new hobby of mine. Also, a quick note. Per a reader recommendation made by @JustinHerman, I'm going to change the profile pictures for both Twitter and Facebook to something a little more recognizable -- the Capitol Dome under construction. It's the image to the right.