What was Washington, D.C. like in the 1910s? Take a look at our great posts with stories, people, photos, and history about the District from the twenties.

Caldwell Hall at Catholic University - 1915 (Shorpy)

Caldwell Hall at Catholic University (1915)

Here’s your afternoon photo. This great shot of Caldwell Hall at Catholic University is pretty amazing. Click on it for the high resolution version and study it a little closer. Thanks to the ever-amazing Shorpy. Related...
U.S. Senate subway circa 1915 (Shorpy)

The Senate Subway in 1915

If you work on Capitol Hill, you’re going to find this one fascinating. This is the underground subway that many of you take between buildings. Okay, it’s changed a little bit since then, but check it...
Join MPD

Come On! Join MPD in 1918; Free Street Car Rides (In Uniform)

Here is a terrific old advertisement from 1918, soliciting young men between 22 and 35 to join the Metropolitan Police Department (a limited number of intelligent and educated women will also be considered). Click on the...
Ebbitt House in 1865 as photographed by Matthew Brady (Wikipedia)

Old Ebbitt Grill History

GoDCer and long-distance reader Ben sent in a request to do a little digging on local favorite Old Ebbitt Grill. The restaurant has a great story, deeply tied to the history of our city, having been...
Walter and Hazel Johnson with Walter's mother (Library of Congress)

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson Tie the Knot on Monroe St. NW

Here’s one of the best story tips we’ve received thus far. Thanks to GoDCer Jack in Poolesville who tipped us off to the Big Train’s nuptials being held in a regular apartment at 1498 Monroe St....
1914 Raush & Lang electric vehicle (Smithsonian)

U.S. House Bans Joy Rides in Government Automobiles

Amid the implosion of yet another DC council member this week¬†(what part of public trust don’t you guys understand?), it’s only apropos to post a story like this. Sadly, our outrage is not something unique, as...
Chastleton in the Washington Times - November 1st, 1919

The Chastleton: Parlors With Apogees of Luxury

I haven’t done one of these in a while … so, GoDCer Jon, this is for you. A quick Washington Post search uncovered an article about the buildings construction. This was published on June 15th, 1919...
P.K. Chaconas Co. Market circa 1915; George Chaconas pictured in front (Shorpy)

P.K. Chaconas and Co.: These Prices Hold Good For One Week

Here’s a photo of George Chaconas in front of his market, located at 924 Louisiana Ave. NW. If you look near the top right of the photo, you’ll see what appears to be the tip of...
Catholic University advertisement in the Washington Herald (1910)

Catholic University Fall Term Opens Tuesday, October 4th, 1910

October 4th? That seems really late. Holy sh*t … tuition of $75 per year. It’s now $35,000, and that’s actually not bad compared to neighbor school GWU at around $50,000 (ouch). Related articles The National Cathedral...
Mt. Pleasant homes advertisement in the Washington Times - April 19th, 1913

Mt. Pleasant: Where Realty Values Are Rapidly Advancing

Going to open houses today? Check this out. Here’s a great old advertisement from 1913. These are homes for sale in Mt. Pleasant, near the street car line. I’m not sure that these are still around...
Bass Ale advertisement in the Washington Herald - December 24th, 1911

Bass Ale For Christmas Eve 1911

Did you know Bass Ale was available in Washington back in 1911? I did not. Well, it would be only for another six years until Prohibition set in on the city. This was an advertisement I...
Fairlawn real estate advertisement from the Washington Herald - July 22nd, 1911

To See Fairlawn Means a Lot

This is an advertisement for new development and real estate across the Eastern Branch, near Anacostia. Click on the ad for a closer look at what is a harsh window into a very different (and blatantly...
Friends School Country Club House advertisement in the Washington Herald (1910)

Country Addition to Friends School (1910)

Cool. I love these. The Gonzaga one was quite popular with readers as was the St. Albans ad. This is Sidwell Friends School — the name has gone through a few iterations — back in 1910....
The Huntsman's Store advertisement in the Washington Times - October 20th, 1912

Real Shotgun Specials. Real Rifle Bargains.

Some time ago, way back in the day, purchasing a firearm was much easier. About 96 years before the District of Columbia v. Heller ruling dramatically altered the gun-owning landscape in our city, you could walk...
New Gonzaga College advertisement in the Washington Times - August 31st, 1913

The New Gonzaga College in 1913

Along the same lines as the earlier post today with the St. Albans advertisement, here is another prominent (and old) local school. Gonzaga had just built their Main Building in 1912, now named Dooley Hall. Read...
The National Cathedral School for Boys advertisement in the Washington Herald - 1910

The National Cathedral School for Boys (St. Albans) in 1910

If you went to St. Albans, you will probably find this fascinating. If you know someone that went there, send this to them. It’s an old advertisement from the Washington Herald, back in 1910. The school...
Sargol Company Flesh Builder advertisement in the Washington Times - May 12th, 1912

Let Us Make You Fat

This is an odd advertisement that wouldn’t play well today. Below the image of the man and woman snickering about the skinny people behind them, This is a generous offer to every thin man or woman...
Senator Henry F. Ashurst between 1910-1915 (Library of Congress)

Neophyte Arizona Senator Calls For Acquisition of Mexican Territory

This has less to do with the history of our city, but everything to do with the (almost) history of our nation. Arizona had been admitted to the union only a few years earlier in 1912...
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