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Photos of yesterday, featuring regular people and regular places.

Aerial View of Washington Circle

Aerial View of Washington Circle Along K Street Corridor

How many buildings can you recognize in this aerial view of Washington Circle along the K Street corridor? For reference, you are looking east. At the very top right corner, you can see the Capitol Building. Source: Library of Congress
Three firemen on fire engine drawn by three horses, Washington, D.C.

D.C. Fire Engine Pulled by Horses in 1912

This is pretty cool, and our fire engine fans out there will love it. This is what the fire department looked like in 1912. Source: Library of Congress
Nellie and Isabel Sedgeley with their electric car, unidentified site. Sedgeley Photograph Collection c.1905-1915

Two Ladies, One Dude, and an Electric Car

Okay, there’s a dog and an older dude in there too but … Source: Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Demolition of buildings on the corner of 11th Street and Virginia Avenue SW. View northwest over the Agriculture Department Building to the Washington Monument (1959). Garnet W. Jex "Southwest Redevelopment" Slide Collection, HSW.

Building Demolition at 11th and Virginia (1959)

Ugh, these are always so sad to see. So much of D.C. was destroyed in the 1950s in the name of progress.
Women at Western High School posing on an exercise device

Exercising at Western High School

These photos are all part of the Frances Benjamin Johnston at the Library of Congress and were taken in 1899. They depict women exercising at Western High School, which no longer exists, but the building now houses the Duke Ellington...
View northwest past the equestrian statue (by Henry Kirke Brown) of General Winfield Scott. Includes the Queen Anne-style Windom House on the northwest corner of Massachusetts Avenue and 16th Street NW, and the Hutchins House next door to the west. (Current site of the Australian Embassy). William H. Seaman Photograph Collection, HSW (1888)

Windom House in 1888: Current Site of Australian Embassy

This is an amazing old photo from 1888. It shows the Windom House at the intersection of 16th St. and Mass Ave. This is where the Australian Embassy sits today. Source: Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C., circa 1920. "Victory Tire Co., 14th Street N.W." Guaranteed 6,000 miles! National Photo Company glass negative.

Victory Tire Company on 14th Street

This is the Victory Tire Company in 1920. The store was located at 1026 14th St. NW, which is just north of K St.
Nov 1982 | Crews work to complete the building of the tunnel near Forest Glen Station.

Vintage Washington Metro Construction Photos

How cool are these? We stumbled across them on Metro’s Facebook page. Tunnel near Forest Glen Forest Glen construction Silver Spring station construction Gallery Place-Chinatown 1974 Gallery Place-Chinatown construction Archives construction 1975 Take a look at the rest of the...
Mount Vernon Lager Beer Brewery and Pleasure Garden near the northeast corner of 4th and E Streets NE. (Juenemann Photograph Collection, HSW, ca. 1865-1870)

Pre-Civil War Mount Vernon Beer and Pleasure Garden

This is so cool! The photo is from just after the Civil War and it shows an old beer garden located at 4th and E St. NE. Source: Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

Best Lobster Dinner Ever!

Oh man, check this out. Can you make up a caption for this? Source: Historical Society of Washington, D.C.