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Faces & Places of Yesterday

Photos of yesterday, featuring regular people and regular places.

July 7th, 1926

How Awesome Was It To Swim in the Reflecting Pool?

These boys look like they’re having the time of their lives. This photo was taken back in the 1920s, when you were able to swim in the Reflecting Pool. I should note that they...
Washington & Lee High School

Fascinating Photo of Washington and Lee High School in Arlington

Check out this amazing old photo of Washington & Lee High School¬†in 1916 (according to the Library of Congress, though I’m sure that’s mislabeled because construction didn’t start until 1924 according to Wikipedia). If...
American University in 1916

What Did American University Look Like in 1916?

Take a look at this old photo of American University. Can you recognize where this is? Source: Library of Congress
John Henry Balch, Corpsman, U.S. Navy, visiting Washington, D.C., in June 1917 [at Columbus statue at Union Station], while awaiting shipment overseas. The Marine on the right is not identified. [Portraits.] [Scene, World War I, World War 1.] John Henry Balch. 06/1917; NH 80571; Courtesy of Commander J.H. Balch, U.S. Navy (retired), 1974.

Two World War I Marines in Front of Union Station

Here’s another great photo send in by GoDCer Michael. These two marines are sitting in front of Union Station, on the Columbus Statue as they await getting shipped out for World War I.
"Past and present in locomotives. Eckington Yards, June 4, 1923." A closeup of the locomotive in the Baltimore & Ohio rail yard during the Masonic convention in Washington, D.C. The big engine wears the livery of "Boumi Temple," a Baltimore Shrine lodge. 5x7 glass negative.

Photo of Eckington Rail Yard in 1923

We came across a great photo via Shorpy’s Twitter handle this weekend. It shows the old Eckington rail yard back in the 1920s. Check out the map of the same area from 1919. Today,...
Washington, D.C., circa 1922. "NO CAPTION (Children, police motorcycles with sidecars, and streetcar in street)." From a series of photos whose subject seems to be traffic safety. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.

GoDCers, Where Is This?

Any thoughts on where this photo was taken?
streetcars in front of Union Station

Streetcars in Front of Union Station

This is an old photo of Union Station around 1920, with two streetcars sitting in front. Source: Library of Congress
Rhode Island Ave. 1904

1904 Postcard Showing Rhode Island Avenue

Do you recognize where this is on Rhode Island Ave.? GoDCer Andy sent in a plethora of great material some time back and this postcard was in that collection. It shows Rhode Island Ave...
Walter Johnson and his son Eddie in 1938

Photo of Walter Johnson and Son

Here’s a great old photo sent in by original GoDCer Ben. Sorry it took so long to post this Ben!