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Unbuilt Grant Memorial Bridge and the Cost of Washington Buildings
Learn about the unbuilt Grant Memorial Bridge and the cost of Washington buildings, including the Capitol, White House, and George Washington University. Read the full article from The Baltimore Sun here.
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Exploring the Unbuilt Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge: Two More Images
Discover two more images of the proposed Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge, a bridge that was never built. Explore the story of this bridge and find out why it was never constructed.
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A Rare Look at D.C. in 1894, with a Surprising Unbuilt Bridge
Check out this rare map of the D.C. area from 1894 and see the Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge, which was never built. Plus, see the source from the National Archives.
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Exploring the Unbuilt Washington World's Fair of 1892
Take a look back in time to what Washington could have been like if the 1892 World's Fair had been held here. See the proposed layout, and check out the bridge where Memorial Bridge stands today.
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The Unbuilt Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge
Memorial Bridge in Arlington was supposed to be a bridge built and dedicated to Ulysses Grant in the 1880s. Alas, that didn't happen.
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Mid-1960s Vision for Washington's Metro System
The proposals were published to convince transit officials that the 19-mile system authorized by Congress within the city - part of a 25-mile network extending into the suburbs -would be inadequate by 1985.
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1888 Map of Lung Disease Death
What a sad map of the District. This shows the deaths in Washington from lung disease in 1888.
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Never-Built Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge
This most incredible image shows what the Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge would have liked like today. It would have been where the current Arlington Memorial Bridge is today.
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Proposed Three Sisters Bridge Across the Potomac
What happened to the Three Sisters Bridge in Washington, DC and why was it never built?
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Is Washington the Most Beautiful City in the World?
Explore the beauty of Washington DC, the US capital, and why many people believe it is the most beautiful city in the world. Learn about the McMillan Plan, the unbuilt Grant Memorial, and Frederick Law Olmsted. Read the full article from 1907.
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History Behind Lion Statues in House of Cards Opening Credits
What are the lions in the House of Cards credits? They're sitting at the Ulysses Grant Memorial by the Capitol Reflecting Pool.
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Proposal for Rock Creek Park in Washington DC, 1886
In 1886, a proposal for Rock Creek Park in Washington DC was made. Read and explore the idea, its history and how the land was eventually used for something more important than a park: Arlington National Cemetery.
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Exploring the Proposed Executive Mansion on Meridian Hill and Mary Foote Henderson's Plans for Washington
Take a look at the proposed Executive Mansion to be built on Meridian Hill, a plan championed by Mary Foote Henderson. See the extravagant design, plus learn more about Mrs. Henderson and other buildings that were never built in Washington.
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