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The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Dorchester House

Three Things...

Three Stories About Dorchester House

The massive structure at 2480 16th St. NW dominates the Kalorama block across from Meridian Hill Park. Most D.C. history nerds know that John F. Kennedy lived there with his his sister Kathleen from October 1941...

Washington Post sponsored "bulletin board" for the 1912 Boston AL vs. New York NL World Series. (Library of Congress)

Other Cool Stuff

Baseball Gameday Circa 1912

GoDCer Ben sent along a great photo of the Washington Post baseball scoreboard circa 1912 (the same year the Titanic sank). It’s remarkable how this low-tech scoreboard resembles our current day ESPN Gameday and MLB.tv.

Washington Nationals in 1924 turn back the clock uniforms

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The Pain of an Epic Nats Loss … in 1879

This post is a form of catharsis as I’m still recovering from the emotional trauma of Friday night. Sitting in left field (aka, Nats Town), the image of the Cardinals sprinting to the mound from their...

From the Crazy Vault

Congressman Arrested After Striking Cab Driver

This is another example of how you don’t want to see your name in the papers. This is an article from the Baltimore Sun, published on Mar 9th, 1934. Washington, March 8 (AP)–Representative Shoemaker (F.-L., Minn.)...

Children browse a street market in Washington, D.C. Photograph by John Vachon, November, 1937.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Hungry Children at a Street Market (1937)

This photo captures such a sad face on the child’s face.

Jayson Werth (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Notable People & Places

10/11/12: Werth It!! Historic Win for D.C. Baseball

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some great moments in D.C. baseball history … opening day 2005 at RFK, opening day 2008 at Nats Park with Zimmerman’s walk-off, Strasburg’s 14K debut and Harper’s home debut. Last...

Nov. 28, 1921. Washington, D.C. "Marion Leech." Daughter of sportsman and tennis impresario Abner Y. Leech Jr., and whose fans evidently could not contain themselves. National Photo Co. Collection glass negative.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Great Colorized Photo of Girl Tennis Player (1921)

You have to love these amazing colorized photos from Shorpy (B&W one here). This is a photo of Marion Leech, the daughter of Abner Y. Leech and a student at Friends school (i.e., currently Sidwell Friends...

Ted Williams on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Guest Posts, Notable People & Places

D.C.’s Biggest-Ever Baseball ‘Scoop’

It was perhaps the biggest baseball ‘scoop’ in Washington, DC history: Ted Williams to return to baseball in 1969 as manager of the Washington Senators. The story behind the story is even more delicious. Russ White,...

Dorchester House advertisement 1941

Old Ads & Classifieds

Dorchester House: Close to Everything That is Washington (1941)

What a great old advertisement for Dorchester House, the giant apartment building at 16th and Kalorama. The building openeing in 1941 and one of its early residents was our 35th President, John F. Kennedy, then a...

Longworth House Office Building (Architect of the Capitol)

Three Things...

Three Bits of Trivia About the Longworth House Office Building

The “Three Things…” post about Cannon was pretty popular, so we’re going to continue our Hill-oriented posts with another one on the Longworth House Office Building. We suspect that the building houses and equal to possibly...

Guest Posts, Other Cool Stuff

Crowds Watch Sculptors at Columbus Memorial

Happy belated Columbus Day! D.C. has its own Christopher Columbus memorial prominently positioned in front of Union Station.  Here’s a fascinating set of images from the Washington Times on April 29, 1912 – as workers move...

Cannon House Office Building (Library of Congress)

Three Things...

Three Bits of Trivia About the Cannon House Office Building

Taking a look at our web analytics, we see that we are reasonably popular among those of you working on the Hill (with a large spike during August recess – not a lot to do then...

1818 & 1820 19th St. NW

From the Crazy Vault

Senator’s Daughter Busted for Drunk Driving

It’s never good when your name gets in the paper for drunk driving, especially if your late father was a United States Senator. Below is a great example of how you don’t want to be represented...

July 9, 1926. Washington, D.C. "Girls in bathing suits with ukuleles." Identified in the caption of another photo as Elaine Griggs, Virginia Hunter, Mary Kaminsky, Dorothy Kelly and Hazel Brown. National Photo Co.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Girls in Bathing Suits With Ukuleles

This is both amazing and bizarre. Teenage girls with ukuleles, frozen in time. Random enough for you?

Key Bridge under construction

Faces & Places of Yesterday, Featured

Key Bridge Under Construction

Key Bridge was being built between Georgetown and Rosslyn. Construction started in 1917 and completed in 1923. Below is a shot from Georgetown looking towards the Washington Monument, which you can see in the distance.

Old Post Office Pavilion in 1915

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Flag Day at the Post Office Pavilion in 1915

This is a beautiful photo of Donald Trump’s newest property. I hope he doesn’t f*ck it up and make it ridiculously ostentatious.


Faces & Places of Yesterday, Guest Posts

Franklin Roosevelt: No Marrying Foreign Aliens

For this last post, let us turn to the December 2, 1936 copy of the Washington Post. In this article, we observe a great tongue-in-cheek opening line (a nod to various failed multilateral trade initiatives, notably...

Two kids sharing one soda

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Cute Overload: One Soda, Two Kids, Two Straws

This is a photo fit for Cute Overload (if you’re into that stuff). This is the precursor to that scene in Lady and the Tramp. The two are attending the White House Easter Egg Roll in...